Event description: To all basketball fanatics, if nothing satisfies you more than the sound that you hear after hitting a swish, this event is for you! 🏀


Tired of shooting birthday videos?

Try shooting your basketball skills instead!

Tired of taking online tests?

Try taking a quirky basketball quiz instead!

Tired of attending online zoom classes?

Try attending one with world-class basketball professionals instead!

In short, Feel the swish!! No virus can get in the way of you and basketball.

Express your passion, we're waiting for you!


Event 1

Online Basketball quiz:

Get ready to rattle your brains in this exciting basketball quiz. Brush up your skills on different categories of basketball, being technical rules, sportspersons and other game statistics, to win the prize!


Team Size: Individual

Rules and Regulations:

-          Participants will have 10 seconds to answer each question.

-          Registration will shut 1 week prior to the event date.

-          Committee and coach decisions are final.

Judging Criteria: Questions and answers to be decided and cross-checked by the committee.

Registration Fee:  Early bird Rs.50

                                 Regular - Rs. 100

Prize Fund: Rs. 1700

Number of rounds: 1

Event Structure: Direct finals

Event 3




Are you a fan of trick shots? Because this is your chance to show-it-off! Showcase your basketball skills, and win some exciting gifts!

Rules and Regulations:

-          Participants must take the basketball skills videos posted on @flame_basketballclub and incorporate it in their video entries.

-          Videos must not be longer than 1 minute.

-          Participants must abide by the dates for entries (same as registration dates)

-          While submitting entries, participants must mention their college/School, current year/class and Name.

Judging Criteria:

-          Participants will be judged based on the technique used, and how seamless the video is.

-          Participants will be judged on ball control and other technical aspects.

-          Altering or doctoring the video will lead to immediate disqualification.

-          Committee decision is final. 

Team Size: Individual/ Group video

Registration fee:  Early Bird Rs. 50 

                                Regular Rs. 100

Event Structure: Submit your entries online, and we post the best 5! (SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ID IS REQUIRED)


Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 18th March



Contact for Clarification:
 Name: Maanvi Ahuja
Number: +91 8095210762