Event description: Biggest First Person Shooter game in the world of competitive gaming, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is waiting for you to unleash your skills. You might have put other games in your drawer all covered in dust by now, but you will never be able to put CS:GO away. So come and have this never-ending adventure and fun of a lifetime.


Team Size:  ​5

Maximum Entries: 16

Last Date of Early Bird Registrations: 15th Feb 2021

Last Date of Registrations: 18th March 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs. 150 (Team)

                                Standard - Rs. 250 (Team)

Prize Fund: Rs. 3500 

Rules and Regulations:


  • Matches will be hosted in competitive mode on active duty maps.

  • Matches will be hosted on a 128-tick server. The addresses for the same will be provided prior to the event.

  • Maps will be finalized by vetoing active duty maps until 1 map remains. The team (T or CT) will be decided by a toss. A representative (preferably the IGL) from each team will be required on Discord prior to their matches for the same.  

  • The event will be conducted in a knock-out format. Fixtures and timings for the same will be provided prior to the event.


  • Any usage of cheats (including, but not limited to: aimbots, wallhacks, spinbots, etc.), illegal console commands, or any other illegitimate methods providing an unfair advantage will result in immediate disqualification.

  • Discord will be used for communication before and during the matches. The discord servers will be monitored by FLAME Kurukshetra Organising Committee. The links for these will be provided prior to the event.

  • Every participant is expected to have CS:GO and Discord installed prior to the event and be present on time. The organizers will not be held responsible for any technical failure on the participant’s end.

  • Every match will be live-streamed on YouTube. The link will be shared on the day of the event.

Fees and Registration:

  • Names of all the participants must be provided while submitting the registration form.

  • Registration is open to college contingents and non-contingent participating teams. 


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Shaan Mehta

E-mail: shaan.mehta@flame.edu.in

Number: +91 9871007984