Mash it Up

Event description: A group dance competition where each team must choose songs from 3-4 different languages and perform on each song. There is no cap on the number of songs for each performance. Teams can mash together different songs from a particular language if they’d like.  All videos must be edited and compiled together to create a single performance. However, the performance should include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 languages.

Team Size:  ​6 - 10

Maximum Entries:  2 teams per college.

Early Bird Registrations end on: 15th February 2021


Last date of registration: 10th March 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs. 150 (Team)

                                Standard - Rs. 250 (Team)

Prize Fund: Rs. 8000

Event Structure: The first round will be eliminations, where the submissions will be shortlisted for the final round by internal voting. The final round will be judged by an external judging panel.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each performance video must be between 8-10 minutes.

  • Each team is encouraged to use props and costumes. 

  • Teams should work towards creating a properly edited and compiled video as that would affect the overall flow and appeal of the performance. Each team is encouraged to have a specific editor for their video. 

  • The choreography of each performance should be original. However, teams can take inspiration from other choreographies/performances. 

  • No extra points will be given for special effects included in the performance. Additionally, clips should be clear enough and the dance should be seen clearly.

Judging Criteria: 

  • Choreography 

  • Prop Usage 

  • Styles of Dance Showcased

  • Costumes

  • Synchronization

  • Clarity 

  • No extra points will be given for special effects.

  • No extra points will be awarded for more songs. 

  • No extra points will be awarded if a group chooses to do 4 languages over 3.


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Lekha Donur

Number: 8790393579


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