Sports Events


Get ready for a fast bowled night of trivia. Brush up on your knowledge of women's cricket, think fast, make predictions and move to the edge of your seat for the rapid-fire round.


Hello futsal fans, this year FLAME Kurukshetra 2021 is bringing you an online futsal tournament in

*Online Freestyle Football!*


Ever wondered how tennis players pull off such lengthy rallies in matches? Are you also consistent with your game? Live your limelight and show off your tennis skills with the LIVE consistency drill competition, from the comfort of your own home! Let Kurukshetra Tennis be the place for you to hit it off! Take a chance, unleash your passion.


To all basketball fanatics, if nothing satisfies you more than the sound that you hear after hitting a swish, this event is for you! 🏀

Feel the swish!! No virus can get in the way of you and basketball. Express your passion, we're waiting for you!

Table Tennis

Do you think you have what it takes to be the FK'21 Table Tennis Champion??

Come register for our event where you will be put to test not only on your TT Skills with a racquet and ball but also on your stamina through the course of three levels. Each level will comprise 3 TT challenges and 2 sets of exercises. See you on the Battlefield!!


Hello all Karate Enthusiasts!!!!

Our wait is finally over!! We have made our way to Kurukshetra 2021. Name the Kata and perform it too! See you on the battlefield, with your moves ready to kill!



This pandemic has affected a lot but has it affected your passion for sports? We bring to you a fun fitness challenge with a volleyball twist! Come show us your talent.

Virtual Marathon


Want to run far away from the problems that 2020 brought with it? Miss the rush of a marathon? Run Club brings to you a Virtual Marathon, an event that is going to exhilarate you!


Have you watched the queen’s gambit and felt nostalgic for a good chess competition? In that case, we’ve got you covered. 

So come and test out your strategy and planning skills.


Unleash the dancer in you while also having a self-care, stress bust and fitness session simultaneously with a Zumba masterclass.


Miss those long hikes, that breathless feeling and all those clumsy falls? Been binge-watching Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, and want to scale snowy mountains just like them? We are here to make your wish come true. Here’s your chance to hear from the youngest mumbaikar who scaled Everest!


Rugby is the newest addition to the myriad of team sports offered in FLAME. Kurukshetra 21 Rugby aims to expand the culture across India and remove the misconceptions about the most inclusive sport there is.


Get your yoga mats and stretchy pants ready for a free fun yoga session. Stretch those muscles that are sore thanks to Online classes and workspaces!


Cultural Events

Antar Nirantar

Constantly find yourself filling up journals with verses? Can’t get rhyming schemes out of your head? We give you an opportunity to showcase your wordplay with filling not your journal but an online platform!

Camera to Canvas

Unleash your inner Cindy Sherman and Claude Monet with the Kuru Camera to Canvas Event! 

Round 1:

Get ready to snap some fingers and pictures! 

Round 2:

Participants get to experience a live auction and bid on their favourite photograph. They will have to use a section of the photograph and create a piece of art from it.

That's Debatable!

If there's one thing that Philosophy is known for, it's that even the most fundamental truths about our universe can be undone. You need only say - "That's debatable".


This event not only puts your debating skills to the test but also forces you to dig deep below the surface of every idea presented to you, to substantiate or question the topic at hand.

Mash it Up

Put your dancing shoes on and pick your favourite songs and dance to them with your friends. But wait- the songs should be in 3-4 different languages.

Think Inside the Box

Do you have the skill of making up scenarios in your mind? Have you started making inanimate objects your friends during 2020? Test out your skills at the Kuru Theatre event!

Big Band Theory

Tired of singing only in your bathroom? Make a group of your most musical friends and come show us your talent! Each group must select a song of their choice (any genre), and perform it in a different musical style/genre.

Glam it Up

Glamming it up only for your online classes? Want to showcase your transformation styles? You have reached the right place, come and project the inner phoenix and light the runway through your screens.


Management Events

Sell me if you can

Have the knack for selling a glass of water to a drowning man? Could you sell a groom’s outfit to Salman Khan? Come show off your sales skills with Kurukshetra’s ‘Sell Me If You Can’.

The FinAce Quiz

Do you pride yourself on your knowledge of finance? Come test your skill at the Kuru Finance Quiz. Take part in rounds of word jumble and pictionary; and don't forget to brush up on your GK!

It's Time to Bargaim

Love to Bargain and negotiate on deals either it be shopping, parents or even friends? Well then you have come to the right place, this event will test your creativity and negotiation skills. Bring your A game

International Auction

200, 200 - 1, 200 - 2,200 - 3… and sold ! 

Place your bids! The highest bidder wins! Be confident and play smart, and may your bid count!

HR is in Jeopardy

Game show

You Are In Jeopardy My Friend! 

Inspired by the game show jeopardy, this event will have different rounds and categories all entailing HR-themes.



Rocket League

Arcade style, soccer and vehicles? Can it get better? We don’t think so! In the comforts of your home, virtually customize a car and compete in an adrenaline-packed game of soccer. Kurukshetra brings you Rocket League, an Esport which is bound to keep you on your toes!

Call of Duty - Mobile

Skills and strategic excellence, that’s all you need for Call of Duty: Mobile. Kurukshetra brings you an immersive experience in one of the most intense mobile games. Get your squad together; it’s your time to shine!


Biggest First Person Shooter game in the world of competitive gaming, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is waiting for you to unleash your skills. You might have put other games in your drawer all covered in dust by now, but you will never be able to put CS:GO away. So come and have this never-ending adventure and fun of a lifetime.

Minecraft - Build Battle

Unleash your skill and build the most amazing, extravagant and astonishing creation you can within 15 minutes. compete to score the highest and move to the FINALS!

Minecraft - Bed Wars

Summon your attack and defence skills and destroy enemy beds. But remember, don't let your opponents destroy yours! Trade and Collect weapons and armours, move-in coordination with your squad and Buckle up to advance to an intense 4v4 action-packed FINAL!

Protect your bed with your life. Cause it really does depend on it.


Your experience, style and your competitive nature - a blend of all, is what we need from you. 13 rounds is all you get to protect your side and move through the game. May the best player win! See you on the battlefield!