Event description: Hello futsal fans, this year we bring you an online futsal tournament via Online Freestyle Football. You can show your amazing skills! 


Rules and Regulations:

  • Duration of the video: 45 sec to 1 min 

  • Submission of the video should be on the portal; only. No late submission will be accepted. 

  • Judgment criteria: Overall aspect 

  • Total number of rounds - 4 

  • The second, third, and fourth rounds will develop specific challenges, and the difficulties would increase - for example, be it musicality, originality, creativity, transitions, and variety. 


Video Submission and Declaration of Winners: 

  • Participants should fill out the google form that would be circulated, for all rounds. 

  • The video submitted would be featured on the Kurukshetra Instagram page. 

  • Declaration of winners would be announced via the Instagram page.


Registration fees: Early Bird: Rs. 25

                                 Standard: Rs. 50

Prize Fund: Rs. 4000


No. of winners:  2


Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last Date of Registrations: 11th March


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Esha Gupta

Number: 9599433206