HR's in Jeopardy

Team Size:  ​Team (Maximum 4 in a team) or Individual

Prize Fund: Rs. 18000

Number of Rounds: 2

Early bird registration ends on: 15th February 2021


Last date for registration: 4th March 2021

Registration Fee: 

Early Bird:

  • Individual: Rs. 50

  • Team: Rs. 100


  • Individual: Rs. 100

  • Team: Rs. 150

Round 1 - Reel it in

Reel it in Description: It's the reel season once again! Reel it in and create funny reels with a twist, participants must incorporate an HR-theme. One can dress up as Donald Duck, complaining about his co-worker Micky. Be creative, and be a reel master! Participants will be given 6 HR centric themes two weeks before the event. They are expected to choose at least one from the presented list and make a reel on the chosen theme.

Ex. Theme – Cartoon characters as HR employees (this is just an example, the actual list of themes will be given on the day of the event) 

Marge Simpson giving an interview to get hired as a mother etc.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Participants are allowed to use props, costumes, references, etc. 

  • The reels must be within 1-2 minutes. 

  • Final submissions will be judged on creativity, originality, and connection to the chosen HR theme. 

  • Submissions must be made by 17 March 2021. 

  • Details of where to submit the final reel will be shared with the announcement of themes. 

  • The event will be judged by specialists in the HR industry as well as renowned social media influencers 

  • Results will be announced at the end of Day 1 on zoom, Top 5 teams move on to round 2.

Round 2 - Game Show

Game Show Description: 

You Are In Jeopardy My Friend! 

Inspired by the game show jeopardy, this event will have different rounds and categories entailing HR-themes. Participants have to buzz in with the correct answer. The groups work their way through a board filled with six columns of six clues a piece. 

How it works: There are six categories: Under each column are six clues, increasing in value and difficulty. Each clue will have a certain numeric value assigned to it. Each team must select one participant at the beginning of each round as the spokesperson and in charge of the buzzer. The first team to go picks a category and a clue amount. The host then reads the clue. Participants have 10 seconds to answer it. A correct response earns the point value of the clue and the opportunity to select the next clue from the board. An incorrect response or a failure to ring in within the time limit deducts the point value of the clue from the team’s score and gives the remaining opponents the opportunity to ring in and respond.

Rules and Regulations: Each team must select one participant at the beginning of each round as the spokesperson and in charge of the buzzer.

Contact for Clarification:

Name: Yashvi Gupta


Number: +919654416969

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