Minecraft - BedWars

Event description: Summon your attack and defense skills and destroy enemy beds. But remember, don't let your opponents destroy yours! Trade and Collect weapons and armors, move-in coordination with your squad, and Buckle up to advance to an intense 4v4 action-packed FINAL!


Bedwars. You know the drill. Protect your bed along with your teammates and destroy enemy beds to win. You’ve got your resources at your spawn island. Collect them and trade them for weapons and armor. Only squads, no duos, no solos. Communicate well. Defend your bed with your life. 2 Games. Winners advance and face off in the third and final game in an intense 4v4 action-packed game.

Protect your bed with your life. Cause it really does depend on it.


Team Size:  ​4

Maximum Entries: 

Last Date of Early Bird Registrations: 15th Feb 2021

Last Date of Registrations: 18th March 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs. 150 (Per Player)

                                Standard - Rs. 250 (Per Player)

Prize Fund: Rs. 2000 

Rules and Regulations:


  • 3 Games will be played in total. The winner of game 1 will sit out of round 2. Winner of game  2 shall advance to the finals with Winners of game 1. The rest of the teams get eliminated.

  • Each team (4 members) will be assigned their own colour. With your own colour, you will spawn on your respective island.

  • The team that wins game one will automatically move onto the finals. The winner of game 2 moves onto the finals as well. Winners then face off in a 1v1, where Winner Takes All.

  • Breaking of any rules or any attempt to abuse a glitch or a bug in a game will lead to disqualifications.


  • Use of 3rd party software, such as hacked clients, x-ray resource packs, fast-block place, schematic, etc.

  • Trying to intentionally copy others builds

  • Griefing. Any attempt to grief others will lead to disqualification.

  • Arguing or attempting to dispute the judges’ score

  • Being disruptive or demeaning to your fellow participants

  • Trying to gain an unfair advantage.

  • No-Shows. If a teammate or an individual shows up after the event starts, regardless of technical or other issues, they will not be allowed to participate. (Unless it is an issue from our end).

  • The exploitation of bugs or any glitches will lead to automatic disqualification.

NOTE: The Organizing Committee of FLAME Kurukshetra shall not be responsible for any issues that take place at your end. Any technical issues must be sorted out on your end BEFORE the event begins. If issues do arise during the event on your end, we cannot provide support for the same. It is advised to log on 5 – 10 minutes prior to the event to fix any issues that may arise.


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Arnav Sarin

E-mail: arnav.sarin@flame.edu.in

Number: +91 8618177424