Big Band Theory

Event Description: Tired of singing only in your bathroom? Make a group of your most musical friends and come show us your talent! Each group must select a song of their choice (any genre), and perform it in a different musical style/genre. Each group is free to choose any genre that the song will be “switched” to. The group that most effectively and creatively switches the genre of their chosen song, while making a well-performed and produced track, wins the competition.

Team Size:  ​3 - 9

Maximum Entries:  1 team per college.

Early Bird Registrations end on: 15th February 2021


Last date of registration: 10th March 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs. 150 (Team)

                                Standard - Rs. 250 (Team)

Prize Fund: Rs. 6000

Number of Rounds: 2

Event Structure: 

Round 1: Submit a ".WAV" file of your final mix, along with stem audio tracks of each component (Instrument, vocals, digitally produced components). The stem audios will be seen to confirm the legitimacy of your submission.
Final Round: The bands selected for the final round are required to submit a music video of the members performing the submitted track. The music video is open to your creativity and is not a judging criterion. However, it is a compulsory component for introducing your members to the audience in the final round.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Time limit: 3-5 minutes

  • Minimum of 2 instrumentalists per band, all instruments are accepted.

  • No profanity

  • Submissions should not be a copy of any previously made version of the chosen song. If the submission is found to closely resemble other music covers posted online, the team will be immediately disqualified.

  • Use of pitch correction is permitted but in a manner that does justice to the chosen genre. 

  • Songs can be of any genre and in any language.

  • The final track must be sent along with the stems (separate videos of each participant’s individual contribution).

  • A final compiled video must also be submitted along with the audio (Not included in judging criteria). The video must be shot in landscape mode (16:9 aspect ratio).

Judging Criteria: The band must take a song of their choice and perform it/produce it in a different genre. The final track must contain elements of the new genre. Groups will be judged on how well they are able to put together and perform their chosen song in a different style. The best performance will win the event. Note that the band will not be judged on the stem videos submitted as a reference or the final video that will be shown. Only the final compiled audio track will be judged.


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Adithya Nair


Number: +91 79049 00513