Let’s talk Rugby

Event description: Let’s talk Rugby is divided into 2 segments: an interactive panel discussion with all the four National Women's Rugby team captain’s present in the forum followed by a game of jeopardy. During the game of jeopardy, the audience will be divided into 4 teams with each team being headed by one of the four captains.

Team size:
Webinar - there is no limit for the number of registrations

Jeopardy - max 20 pax (80 Pax = 4 teams) - only open for contingents and not individual registrations. 

Number of rounds: Webinar - One hour event

                                   Jeopardy: 30 mins - 1 round

Event structure: The event is divided into two segments both of which will happen on Zoom.

Webinar: The four captains, committee members and a moderator will be panelists. The moderator will direct the panel discussion and the questions.

Jeopardy: Everyone will be divided into four break out rooms for a period of half an hour until the round of jeopardy is over. There will be an assigned committee member in each breakout room who will explain the rules of the game clearly and help the captain lead the game. 


Judgement Criteria: 

Vouchers will be given out to one member of each team. Deciding criteria discretion of the captains. 

Registration Fee: Webinar - Rs.50
                               Jeopardy- Rs. 50 

Prize Fund:

Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 18th March


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Ada Khan

Number: 7044617008