Event description: ON YOUR MARKS! GET SET! GO!! 

Want to run far away from the problems that 2020 brought with it? Miss the rush of a marathon? Flame Kurukshetra brings to you a Virtual Marathon and Run with buddies, events that are going to exhilarate you! 


Event 1- Virtual Marathon (Running)


Event Description: Are you bored in the house? Are you in the house bored? Join us for a hot date with your running shoes, as Kurukshetra brings you a Virtual Marathon! This will be an offline event, where participants will run their selected distance. All you need is the Nike Run App, an open road, and a lot of energy! Join us for an energizing virtual marathon and win cash prizes.



The medium of event: Offline

Timing: 7am-9am


Rules and Regulations: 

  • Desired distance - covering distances above the chosen one (+0.2K) will not be counted

  • Entries for the screenshots should be sent within the time gaps of 10 mins before and after the event. 

  • If caught using any unfair means during the event, the participants would be disqualified immediately.

  • Results will be declared on the same day. The duration of the event is 120 minutes (7 am-9 am).

  • The decision of the committee will be final.

  • Participants in the running category use their phone (Nike Run App installed) 

  • Their timing will be recorded through the same.

  • Participants must send us a photo/screenshot of their app data both before and after the two-hour event (eg. 7 am - 9 am)

  • The app  needs to be stopped when participants finish their chosen distance

  • The participant with the lowest timing for their distance will be rewarded

  • Caution: Participants MUST select pause / stop on their after the selected distance is covered.



Judgement Criteria:

Contestants need to take a photo or screenshot of the timing as shown on their  Nike Run App 



Nike app 



Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs 50

                                Regular - Rs. 100


Categories (running): 5Km


Number of winners: One winner and One Runner Up


Prize Fund:  Rs 12,000


Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 18th March



Contacts for Clarification: 

Name: Chitrani Pandey 

Number: +91 7982634674