Table Tennis

Event description: The event will be held at three levels. Each level will have five challenges ( 2 sets of exercises and 3 Table Tennis Skill Challenges). Each set of exercises will have three exercises. The difficulty in the challenges will increase with every level. The challenges will be done live through an online video calling platform and will not be recorded and submitted. 

Team Size:  ​Individual

Prize Fund: Rs. 3200

Rules and Regulations:

  • The event will be held on an online platform. Please ensure you join 15 minutes before the actual time.

  • Participants are advised to abide by the time slot given to them. No changes will be entertained.

  • In case a participant is unable to attend any one of the challenges they will be disqualified.

  • The participants will be eliminated through knockouts. There are 3 levels they are based on skills and fitness challenges. Each level will have 3 skill-based challenges and 2 sets of fitness-related challenges.

  • Please make sure you have a stable internet connection as you will be allowed to rejoin only once. The camera has to be switched on for the entire duration of the challenge.

  • Failure to complete the challenge will lead to zero points being awarded for that particular challenge.

  • The points system for each challenge and exercise will be based on the difficulty level.

  • You will require a table tennis bat and ball for the skill-based challenges.

  • Please wear appropriate sports attire and sports shoes for all the challenges.

  • The challenges will be disclosed one week prior to the event. The description of each challenge and exercise will be disclosed so that the participants can prepare accordingly.

Judging criteria:

Fitness challenges: Total time taken for finishing the fitness challenge.

                                  Posture during the fitness challenge.

Skill-based challenges: Precision and technique



                                        Stance and posture.

Registration fees: 

Early Bird: Rs. 25

Regular: Rs. 50

Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 11th March


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Palak Shah


Number: +91 9885372075