Think Inside the Box

Event description: Each individual will have options of 10 different locations to choose from. You have to create a play between the inanimate objects normally found in these locations (Eg: Pan and knife are normally found in a kitchen). The play can consist of separate monologues or conversations between the inanimate objects.

Maximum Entries:  1 per college. 

Early Bird Registrations end on: 15th February 2021


Last date of registration: 10th March 2021

Registration Fee: Early Bird - Rs. 50 

                                Standard - Rs. 100 

Prize Fund: Rs. 12000

Number of Rounds: 2

Event Structure: The first round will be eliminations, where the submissions will be shortlisted for the final round by internal voting. The final round will be judged by an external judging panel.

Rules and Regulations:


Teams have options amongst the following 10 locations to choose from: 

  • Sports Complex

  • Tool Box

  • Place of Worship 

  • Restaurant

  • Clothing & Shoe Store

  • Bathroom

  • Museums (Includes Art gallery) 

  • Grocery Store

  • Inside a woman's bag

  • Bank


  • Going over the time limit will cause a reduction in marks.

  • All characters in the play need to be inanimate objects.

  • Participants can only pick one location. 

  • The submission needs to be as a video (judges will be lenient in regards to the video quality).


  • Hindi/English/Both 

Time limit:

  • 4-10 minutes

Judging Criteria:

  • Costumes 

  • Body language 

  • The originality of script and creativity 


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Sara Singh