Conquer Everest Virtually

Event description: Miss those long hikes, that breathless feeling and all those clumsy falls? Been binge-watching Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, and want to scale snowy mountains just like them? We are here to make your wish come true. Here’s your chance to scale Everest Virtually!


Bring a bowl of Maggi and get geared up by joining us for a thrilling and engaging virtual adventure as we trek up to Mt. Everest, all the way from Base Camp!

Have fun with quizzes and challenges that will test your general knowledge and physical capabilities, all from the comfort of your home.



Team size: Groups of 2 or 4  




Platform: Zoom and Website running parallelly


Event structure:



A specially organised guest webinar by Mr. Parth Upadhyaya, the youngest trekker from Mumbai to summit Mt. Everest! Watch him share his journey and hear about his experience climbing Everest, the situation of the sherpas, accumulation of trash on the world’s highest peak, natural calamities, and survival in extreme climate. The webinar will be conducted on Zoom in the week preceding the event. This session is complimentary for all the registered participants of ‘Conquer Everest Virtually’. For unregistered participants 


Registration fee: Rs. 50

Trekking Event


Rules and Regulations:

1. Those who register in groups of 2, will be paired with other pairs to form a team of 4

2. Each team of 4 will be assigned a Point of Contact from the Kurukshetra team. The POC’s will be online with their respective teams to help them proceed with tasks and ensure the smooth running of the event

3. Each quiz and challenge will have a set number of points that will be informed beforehand

4. A laptop/ desktop will be required for the event since the website will not run on a mobile/ tablet 

5. Participants must keep their videos on during the event unless facing technical issues 

6. If caught using any unfair means during the quizzes and challenges, participants would be disqualified


Judgment Criteria:

Teams will be judged based on the points they have earned during the quizzes and challenges. 

The team with the highest points will be awarded first place and the team with the second highest points will be awarded second place.


Registration fee:  Early bird- Rs. 50 (Groups of 2), Rs. 100 (Groups of 4)

                                Regular- Rs. 100 (Groups of 2), Rs. 150 (Groups of 4)


Prize Fund: Rs. 6000/- 


Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 18th March


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Arushi Chopra 

Number: +91 9871642511


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