This pandemic has affected us a lot but has it affected your passion for sports? We bring to you a fun fitness challenge with a volleyball twist! Come show us your talent and steal the show! 

Participants must submit videos of themselves performing their chosen challenge. May the best video win!


Rules and Regulations:

● There are two independent events and each participant can participate in two or more


● Payment should be made separately for each event.

● Payment should be made before the event deadline to be considered a part of the


● All videos must have one minute of the participant completing the drill.

● The videos that are sent should be clear.

● The video should be shot in one go, that is, the video should not be edited at all. Even

the slightest hint of editing will lead to the immediate disqualification of the


● The videos should be sent within the deadline, late submission will lead to

disqualification from the competition.

● A standard size volleyball should be used.

● Participants should be wearing proper sports attire including sports shoes.


Event 1: Setting Crunches


The participants will record and send videos of themselves doing crunches against a wall while doing volley passes.


Rules and Regulations:

1. The participants should volley-pass at least 1 time per crunch.

2. The ball should not be carried.

3. The posture should be correct while doing crunches.

4.  In case of a wrong volley pass, the crunch will not be counted.


Winner: The participant that does maximum crunches in one-minute without dropping the ball wins. In case of a tie, the person with more number of volley passes will be considered as the winner.

Prize Fund: Rs. 6400


No. of Winners: 12 (3 in each category for Boys and girls) 


Last Date of Early Bird Registration: 15 Feb

Last date of Registrations: 11th March


Contact for Clarification:

Name: Manvika Gopathi

Number: +91 9652951819

Email: manvika.gopathi@flame.edu.in